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Bob's New Home

Posted 7/27/2014 7:45pm by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Many of you know that we lost a horse this past spring and as a result found a summer home with an Amish friend near for our remaining draft horse, Bob. We've known the Fisher family of Otterbein Acres for many years and know they are good horse folks and John Fisher also trains and uses border collies on his sheep flock. They are a family that values and cares for their livestock. When John and Lydia's recently married son Mark expressed interest in using and keeping Bob, we were hoping that eventually he would be able to purchase him; theirs is the sort of home we wanted for Bob. 

Last week Mark called Roy and told him Bob is his best and lead horse and he really would like to purchase him. We are very happy to have Bob sold to a good home where he is used and also valued. We've been invited to visit him whenever we are in the area so one of these days, when the work is done, we plan to make a short trip over Timmon's Pass to visit Bob.