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Cranky Cows

Posted 10/28/2010 11:53am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Cows, to my knowledge, can audibly communicate a range of about two emotions: discontent and maternal anxiety.  This morning as I was moving the sheep, the cows we have on pastures rented from our neighbors just two knolls south of us, were clearly the former.  I'm not suggesting they are not smart because of their limits. The distant bawling only began after they heard our four-wheeler engine idling as I drove around picking up fence.  When the sheep were secure in their new paddock I drove down to check on them.  They had water.  All the calves were with the mature cows or in little youth gangs, standing on the fringe looking cool and disinterested; a couple hid cigarettes as I walked by.  Their mineral feeder was sufficiently full.  As I walked around the pastures the entire herd followed me, vocalizing all the problems they have to put up with, namely that the grass just isn't as succulent as it had been several weeks ago.  Maybe this is how Obama feels these days.  I opened gates into paddocks that would quiet them, but I can not really change the reality that winter is approaching, the grass is putting it's energy under ground for a while and the cows are going to have to adjust till spring. For now they are quietly grazing like the sheep, steers, and horses during this extended Indian summer.