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If not a sheep pig, how bout a pig dog?

Posted 2/16/2011 10:56am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Are you tired of hearing about pigs?  

I admit, these guys just crack me up.   Mac knows what I am talking about.  He is obsessed with the pigs.   From the time they were born, he stood outside their jugs, mesmerized by the little pigs and tormenting the sows.  Now that the piglets are the size of roasters (don't get any ideas just yet) and sharing a large pen with sows and boar, Mac is a little frantic and bewildered at how to handle them.  As soon as the barn door opens, he is in with the pigs.   He dashes about, endlessly perplexed and intrigued at their lack of fear of him.  When I get into the pen with a bucket of feed, he seems to think he should protect me and bites at the sows, but their bodies are not easy to grip.  He sort of slobbers at their shoulders and they spin their thick, bullet bodies around and chase after him with their narrow mouths open.  While I filled their water tank yesterday, he laid down between the pigs and me in order to keep them away.  With the sheep, this is very effective.  The sheep band together in a mob at the opposite end of the paddock, quivering and staring at him.   As soon as Mac lies down in the pigpen however, the piglets come over and bite at his brushy tail.   He chases them, but to them it is all a game.  When they are tired of being chased,  they turn around and chase him, their little snouts held high and their tiny mouths open.   Mac has met his match and, like a great romantic comedy, he totally fixated.