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Lamb Season

Posted 4/13/2015 1:42pm by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Our lamb count is 53 and still arriving! As most of you probably know, meat, like fruits and veggies, is seasonal, especially lamb. Lambs generally arrive in winter and spring. Winter lambs are frequently sold for the Easter/Passover market, and spring lambs raised through the summer for the fall/winter market. Lambs grow at different rates based on genetics, forage quality, susceptibility to parasites etc., so there is usually a large part of the year when local lamb is available. 

On Blue Rooster Farm, we lamb in March and April. Our spring ram lambs are weaned in August, about the time they become sexually mature. To reduced weaning stress and keep them growing, the ram lambs are given the best pasture. Our first lambs finish in September and we keep pulling them off lambs all fall and winter as they get to size. Right now our barnyard is full of lambs, but our freezers are getting empty! We will continue to have lamb available, however the selection may be limited. If we find a fellow farmer with similar standards who has lambs to sell, we will purchase them for our market, however, many farmers who are growing ruminants on grass are on the same lambing schedule as us. 

In the fall and winter we will have plenty of lamb again. Consider purchasing a whole lamb in the winter and stocking up for the summer!:) Maybe it's time we eat meat in-season as well.