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Mac restores order on Open Farm Day

Posted 5/24/2010 10:30am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Last Sunday, May 17th, was our 2nd Annual Customer Appreciation and Open Farm Day. (Click to see the slide show) We were thrilled to have nearly 70 customers attend on one of the loveliest May days we could have ever hoped for.   Everything went so smoothly we weren't sure if we were at the right farm!   (Having several friends and family members helping us the last several days was a wonderful asset.)

But while we were cleaning up and putting the horses in the barn we noticed a lot of baa-ing coming from the sheep paddock.  That usually means one thing -- a member of the flock has escaped and the rest are tattling or expressing their jealously.   Sure enough, way down in the lowest pasture, just beyond where they were supposed to be, I saw sheep parting the tall grass.  We'd turned off the electric fence during the day to prevent anyone from getting  zapped but they'd been turned back on soon after we knew everyone was out of the field.  Apparently a few sheep had made a break for it while the fence was off and now they realized an electrified fence had them separated from the flock.  Roy called Mac and together they went down to round them up. 

When Roy arrived he found a ewe tangled in the electro-net.  Getting tangled in electro-net is seriously frustrating when it is not electrified.  I can't imagine how terrifying it must be when you are struggling against a net and getting shocked at the same time!  Roy unclipped the line that was electrifying the fence and bent over to get the ewe disentangled.  Out of exhaustion and sheer desperation he simply looked at Mac and said, "Go get the sheep."   In a short time the ewe was free but instead of running back into the paddock or in the direction of the other escaped sheep, she sprinted off in yet another direction.   By this time it was dusk, Roy was tired, and it looked like a beautiful, enjoyable day was about to end in total chaos until ... a line of sheep heads appeared running right towards the paddock with Mac following behind!   Roy opened the fence and they ran in, all except that ewe whose head was fried by the electro-net.  Again Roy told Mac to go find her, pointing in the direction she had run.   Mac disappeared into the tall grass and before long the single ewe came trotting back and rejoined the flock.   What a great dog. What a terrific way to end a lovely day - order restored -- happy dog, contented farmers.