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Pigs Party

Posted 2/1/2013 8:09am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Monday, January 27

We went to bed with a gorgeous full moon casting shadows on our snow-covered pastures but this morning we woke to cloudy skies and more snow and ice. School is canceled so the girls' helped with barn chores. They most enjoy feeding our fast-growing feeder pigs old sweet potatoes from their grandparents' organic vegetable farm. The pigs are about 80 pounds and they are very entertaining. They take the sweet potatoes right out of our hands then carry on and run around with such high-spirited exuberance. The whole herd will dash to a corner of the pen, turn and stare at us with the expectation of an unfolding game. All it takes is a quick lunge at them and they are off again, barking, snorting, and spinning their plump, muscular bodies into another corner.  When we stop playing the game, they are at our knees, rooting with their pink, wet snouts for spoiled potatoes or butternut squash or any treats we might have to offer. When feeding is over, a few bury themselves into the corn fodder then everyone else piles on in big mound of warm pig bodies for their morning nap.  Not a bad life for an adolescent pig.