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Rainy Evenings

Posted 10/4/2012 7:30am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Thursday, Sept 27

I am not ready for such short evenings! I waited for Roy to come home last night before attempting to move the lambs as the paddock they are in is next to Charlie's lovely corn field. We also are short of electronet so we rely on the dogs to keep the sheep in place while we pick up one fence and move it to the boundary of the new location.  But till Roy got home and we ate a quick dinner it was dusk and raining and the paddocks we were working in are the furtherest ones from the house so the girls wanted to come along.  Playing alone in the house on a dark, rainy night feels a little spooky for our tweeners and they are helpful during these moves.  So we all pulled on rubber boots and slickers and trudged out into the damp twilight to make sure the lambs had a good night of grazing ahead.  We were back at the house by eight, rain dripping from our noses and any bit of hair that had wandered out of our hoods, and nightime had already settled in; so we too settled in, after warm showers, with  hot tea and The Office.