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Rainy Nights, Windy Days

Posted 4/28/2011 8:03am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Farmers always talk about the weather; and for good reason.   Few other  vocations are as dependent on something so totally out of their control.   Okay,  yes of course there are large economic swings and shifts that affect many vocations and they too are out of the control of any single individual.   Perhaps it is not too difficult for anyone to imagine the stress farmers feel when the very thing that brings abundance can just as easily bring destruction.   We all live with the reality that much of life is beyond our control. 

This is a spring like I have never seen before.    The rain just doesn't stop.   We, at Blue Rooster Farm, are very fortunate among our farming friends.   We are not dependent on getting seeds in the ground or tractors in the fields.   Our pastures are saturated, but the grass is growing.  The cows and sheep won't get stuck in the mud or impact the sodden soil in a devastating way.   We are also fortunate to not be totally dependent on the farm income for our livlihood.   Roy's off-job farm can make for hurried evenings and weekends, but it also provides security against those unpredictable variables like crazy weather and broken-down skid steers.  We rub shoulders with a lot of farmers who are just scratching their heads, wondering when spring will give them a break.   For their sake, I hope it is soon.   Then again, one only has to turn on the news to realize that if saturated soil is our most vexing problem at the moment, we have a good deal to be thankful for.   Even as I write, the sun is brightening the sky.  Could be in a few weeks we'll actually be hoping for nice rain.