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Ringling Brothers and Blue Rooster Farm

Posted 1/17/2013 7:21am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Sometimes this this place is a zoo, sometimes it's a circus.  Yesterday it was a circus and animals kept disappearing on me.  First it was Mac. He's quite a Houdini and I've gotten use to him vanishing. One minute he's lying contentedly in yard gnawing on a bone, the next he's gone on his neighborhood run-about always ending up at the Geedy farmstead about a mile from home by way of the stream. They and their goats, horses, and dogs are friendly to him.  I've tried to make him feel guilty and ashamed for his behavior.  "Mac, it hurts that you feel you need love and affection from others..." or "Mac, I get frustrated that I am pulled from my work to come pick you up." He doesn't get it. Yesterday he disappeared in his usual manner but I was busy and didn't want disrupt my rhythm. When my task was completed, Pip and I got in the car to go get him. As I was about to pull out of the drive I glanced up at the sheep paddock to check on them, see how much hay they had gone through, and they were not there.  I turned the car to get a closer look.  No sheep. Last week I noticed Charlie's hay field was "greening up" and I knew it would be a temptation soon, but now it was covered in several inches of snow.  Spotting white sheep in a snowy field can be tricky. I scanned the field from all angles, no sheep. I drove about a half a mile south searching both sides of the road. Perhaps Mac had something to do with this. That would be unusal. Pip might try to work sheep without a command, but not Mac. I turned my car around and headed back to the farm, squinting hard at the mix white and brown in every field and paddock for a flock of sheep to suddenly pop out at me. It appeared the snow covered pasture just below the barn was gently undulating. As I got closer, sheep shapes separated themselves from the snow.  The flock stopped moving when they saw they had been spotted. They were gathering outside the barnyard, looking around at the cows and horses feeding nearby. I opened the barnyard gate and Pip pushed them in. So they too are temporarily living in the barn alongside the horses and pigs. As for Mac, as expected he came bounding to me when I pulled in the Geedy's long, steep lane.Lights dim, curtain closes; the show is over for the day.