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Saying Goodbye to Our Trusty Blue Subaru

Posted 8/27/2015 8:36am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Our lovely, old, blue Subaru wagon had to be put down last week. When you spend as much depending on a car as we do, it is difficult to not become somewhat attached and see it as more than a hunk of magical metal that did out bidding at the turn of a key.  No, it never looked me in the eye like Mac and Pip, but it did work hard for us. It hauled more beef, lamb, and pork around than it was ever fair of us to ask and it did so efficiently and with good energy... until it didn't.  We knew this day was coming, just didn't expect it yet.  We recently replaced our old farm pick up with a used Tacoma that can serve both farm and family needs, but it still isn't as efficient as the Subaru was.

No doubt my feeling blue is both the loss and also the knowledge that soon we will have to embark once again on that most-hated of all forms of shopping, vehicle purchase. Maybe the old railway line that had a station just three miles over the ridge from our house will open again one day; it's nice to dream about anyway.