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Snake Handling

Posted 7/3/2015 10:54am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

We generally like snakes here at Blue Rooster Farm. We were thrilled to have a black snake lay eggs in a mulch pile several years ago and enjoyed watching the baby snakes poking their heads out on warm days and sunning on the top of the pile.  We have a garter snake we frequently find hanging out on our rudbeckia patch behind the house and several adult black snakes lazing around the barn. 

This week when Roy was cleaning out the pig pen with the skid steer he disturbed a black snake burrowed into the manure pack. He didn't realize it was there till its head poked up above the bucket as he was exiting the barn. The poor snake was looking for way off the crazy ride it found itself on and apparently thought the skid steer cab, with Roy in it, seemed a safe place to relocate. To Roy's surprise, he suddenly had a black snake extending itself in his direction and even for someone who likes snakes, handles rattlers regularly as part of his job, it was alarming.  I wasn't around to see the flailing or hear whatever shocked sound came out of his mouth, but to Roy's credit, he stayed composed enough to simply lower the bucket creating an angle that made heading towards the ground the best option for Ms. snake.  Roy and the snake were unharmed. We found she had already laid a clutch of eggs in the barn and we don't know if they will survive being moved to a new nest, but we are hopeful. 

It's good to have a little jolt now and then; be reminded that nature is full of surprises.  It keeps us alert.  No doubt our slithering friend and her offspring will continue to keep us on our toes.