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The Great Pig Escaps (and recapture)

Posted 11/16/2015 7:36am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Thursday, November 12

This has been a week of pig escapes. Monday evening I went to do evening chores and about a dozen feeder pigs were rooting around with the sows and wandering around the pasture near the barn. I put the dogs away (they are absolutely no help when it comes to rounding up pigs!) and called for the girls, who had just come home from school minutes before. The three of us opened and closed gates, chased and led, shouted and cajoled, till finally all the pigs were in the right spot. 

The girls were a huge help. I should not be surprised, but there is time when kids are young when they need to be told what to do in those situations instead of thinking for themselves.  We are beyond that time. While I become stuck in frustration about why gates are not hung properly, they calmly go about sorting pigs, opening and closing access and addressing potential problems before they arise.

The next evening, the sows were out.