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The Heat is On

Posted 7/29/2011 12:46pm by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

The heat has returned and the lovely, though brief, rain we received yesterday has taken to the skies again with barely a greeting to our parched pastures.  It is time for these farmers to take a vacation and let our eyes feast on the expanse of water in the Atlantic Ocean.  I can already hear the waves crashing onto beach.

We've had heat of a different variety this week as well.   Pip came home from training camp because she was in going in heat.  Mac was more excited than usual to see his best buddy, but we've barely allowed them a sniff hello.  Our ultimate plan is for a Mac / Pip pairing, but she is barely a year and a half old and I am no fan of teen pregnancies.   It's been interesting orchestrating the dogs away from each other; makes me feel a little like a Montague or Capulet, working desperately against the forces of nature.   The other night we had Mac tied outside and Pip was in the dog kennel.    After dark Mac made the most forlorn and pitiful howl I've ever heard from him.   He sounded positively lovesick.    We allowed him to sleep in the laundry like he did when he was a pup and that seemed to relieve some of his sorrow. 

Tippy, our neighbors, the Kline's, Border collie, is also in heat this week.   Could it be the shared valley phenomenon?  Who knows.  While Pip and Mac have taken to wandering around the neighborhood in the past, Tippy has always stayed close to her farm or her Charles.   But the other night around 2 am she decided she wanted a little attention from Mac.   I woke up because the motion sensor lights had switched on and there was Tippy, sniffing happily around our driveway.   Got to admire a bitch who knows what she wants and goes for it.   But 2 am?  I don't think so.  We sent her home. But the next morning Mac had taken things into his own paws.  The window screen wasn't tight and he nosed it up enough to jump his slim body through and we found him lying on the Kline's front porch peacefully beside Tippy.   If your looking for a Border collie pup around Christmas, I may know where you can find one.