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The Mac-cident

Posted 7/3/2013 2:02pm by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

We are recovering from quite a scare this past weekend. The girls, my mother, and I made a quick trip to Cincinnati to see Riley's specialists, leaving Roy home to tend the farm. We arrived at our hotel early enough to swim Sunday afternoon and missed several calls from Roy, so it was alarming to receive urgent texts and voicemail messages asking to be called ASAP!. I called a very distraught Roy to learn that Mac, our much-loved border collie, was rolled over by our empty livestock trailer and at the time of the call, appeared to have lost all use of his back legs. He was being x-rayed at the animal ER, but the vet had prepared Roy for the worst and I was imagining how I would tell the girls that Mac would be put down without any of us having the chance to say goodbye. I guess it is always good to be prepared for the worst and feel the immense relief and joy when the worst is avoided. The x-ray showed a dislocated hip but no broken bones. The blood tests came back normal; no internal injuries. Mac would have to stay the night and be sedated while two docs worked together to put the hip back in place. When we came home Tuesday, Mac greeted us with his usual tail wag and grin; his back leg pulled up in a sling where it will stay for at least two weeks. Aside from hobbling around a bit slower than usual and not being allowed to put Pip in her place, Mac seems almost normal. He is soaking up the love he feels totally entitled to. Roy is recovering well too. A cold beer or glass of wine on the back porch every evening with Mac and Pip insistently nosing for affection is a great remedy for near-loss-of-a-best-friend.