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trials of a bully bull

Posted 9/4/2008 11:33am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Last week we went to the farm in Blacklog Valley where we graze some of our cattle.   We discovered our best and oldest bull had a very bad limp.   We had him in the barn for several months this spring to keep him from breeding the cows too early.  His lazy days in the barn allowed his hoof to grow too long; it is the walking on ground and stones that keeps hooves ground down to healthy length.  In years past we always put him in a separate paddock away from our cows but he is a very formidable bull and he would stand alone at the corner of the pasture bellowing to the neighbor’s cows and intimidating their bull.   We thought is was amusing and liked to imagine just what sort of trash talking was passing between our hulking Angus bull and the short, shaggy Scottish Highland bull next door.  The neighbors didn’t find it very amusing however, so Reto was on barn arrest for a couple months and we forgot to schedule a pedicure for the old guy.  Thankfully the vet was already scheduled to come out to pinch our young bulls (to make them steers) and pregnancy-check our cows.  He took care of poor Reto and we brought him home to a valley with more courageous neighbors and no other bulls for miles.