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What is a Blue Rooster?

Posted 3/20/2008 11:53am by Julie Hurst / Roy Brubaker.

Many customers ask about our farm name.  "Why BlueRooster? You don't even sell poultry!"   We pondered many different names and really wanted a name that better described what we were about on our farm, but everything was too long, already used, or  just didn't stick.   BlueRooster kept coming back to us.  We thought perhaps we should sell the farm and open a pub with the name instead, but we really wanted to farm and knew nothing at all about brewing or pub-tending, having both grown up in fairly devout Mennonite families.   We were finally forced to choose a name when we began marketing our lamb and beef and about that time I came across an article describing Medieval agricultural symbols.  The rooster, I learned, is a symbol of fecundity and rejuvenation.  Not only that,  what other animal heralds the dawning of a new day long before the rest of us can see it coming, (or even care for that matter.)   We do believe that agriculture is seeing a new day and we hope our farm will be a part of it, so the ole' Rooster stuck.   And no, we do not have any blue roosters on our farm, if fact, I've never seen a blue rooster.   (We do have colorful roosters and chickens that lay blue eggs though.)  But WhiteRooster or RedRooster just didn't have the whimsy or rhyme that kept us coming back to BlueRooster, so BlueRooster it is.