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Buy Fresh, Buy Local


Organizations and websites we are proud to support with our membership, donations of time and/or money,  or just wild enthusiasm!

  • Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture - aka PASA - is an energizing group of farmers, foodies, and concerned consumers. We've gained so much from networking within this organization. Whether your a farmer, gardener, or looking for health-full food, this is a great place to begin. 
  • EatWild.com  is a comprehensive website that both provides up-to-date research on the benefits of grassfed meat, eggs, and dairy products as well as promotes local farms and markets where one can find these products. 
  • Heifer International is an inspiration to us and every year we make an effort to donate some of the money we earn to Heifer so that someone else on this beautiful, but desperate planet, can begin a small farm enterprise of their own.
  •  Roy and I are both decendents of Swiss-German Mennonites who immigrated to Pennsylvania in the 1700's. There is much about our Christian and Mennonite upbringing we value and MCC is an organization that we support in its attempt to "demonstrate God's love by working among people suffering from poverty, conflict, oppression and natural disaster."
  • Octoraro Angus is Sam and Sherrill Wylie's seedstock angus farm in Bedford County, and have been our mentors in the fine art of cattle breeding.  Read more about them on our angus cattle page
  • Monsour Sheep Farm is Jack and Kathy Monsour's place in Bedford County.  We purchased our initial North Country Cheviot commercial ewes from Jack, as well as our border collie Mac. (Read about these ventures on our sheep and border collie pages.)  On top of running a 900+ commercial sheep operation, Jack and Kathy provide lovely vacation homes in a pastoral farm setting.