Blue Rooster Farm

is a family owned and operated beef, sheep, and hog farm located in the Ridge
and Valley Region of South Central Pennsylvania.


Our sheep and beef rotationally graze on pasture spring, summer and fall. In winter they are fed hay purchased from our neighbors. We do
not finish on grain, use of synthetic growth hormones, or antibiotics on healthy stock. In order to grow our beef quickly on grass and hay,
we select for small-framed Black Angus cows and bulls. We raise North Country Cheviot sheep - a hardy, flighty, stocky breed who give our
Border Collie, Pip, a run for the money. Along with pasture-raised, 100% grassfed lamb and beef, we also raise pastured/barnyard Berkshire
pigs. We are still learning how best to incorporate these intelligent, rooting, omnivores into our pasture without creating too much
disturbance and chaos on the farm. They spend the winter and wet spring well-bedded and with plenty of space to root in the barn and
barnyard. And when the conditions are right, we get them out on pasture or selected woodlots to graze and root.


Partner Farms and Businesses

Village Acres Farm and FoodShed

We work closely with Village Acres organic fruit and vegetable farm in Mifflintown, PA by selling our grassfed lamb, beef, and free-range pork to their
CSA customers. Not only is Village Acres a well-known and respected organic farm in Central Pennsylvania, it is also the Brubaker family farm where
Roy was raised. Roy L. and Hope Brubaker and their four children moved to the farm in 1982. Roy's sister Debra returned to the farm in the spring of
2011 and in 2016, she and her spouse, Hannah Smith Brubaker, became co-owners of the farm business. We enjoy and are grateful for this close
relationship to the Village Acres Community.

Wild For Salmon
Steve and Jenn Kurian spend each summer fishing off the coast of Alaska for wild sockeye salmon. Their approach to fishing is simpatico with our
approach to farming and we think their products are exceptional. Check out their Wild for Salmon website. We are very happy to have partnered
with them to make their product available to our customers.

Benner's Butcher Shoppe

Benner's Butcher Shoppe is a multi-generational family ownd and operated butcher shop in Thompsontown, PA. They offer both custom and USDA
cuts and are well known in the community for their exceptional bacon. They are ideally located along the Route 322 coridor between Harrisburg and
State College; very convenient for our customers who purchase wholes or halves. They dry-age meat and offer both vacuum and paper packing.

Olde Tyme Meats

Olde Tyme Meats processes both beef and pork primarily for our retail market. We've work with them for several years and through several new
owners and managers. We've found that the tradition of high quality work and attention to detail continues through the changes over the years.

Kistler's Butcher Shop

Dennis Kistler is the proprietor of Kistler's in Loysville, PA. He is very responsive to the unique needs of producers like us. He too offers dry-aging,
vac-packing, and makes some of our most sought after sausages.

Octoraro Angus

Octoraro Angus is Sam and Sherrill Wylie's seedstock angus farm in Bedford County, and have been Roy's mentors in the fine art of cattle breeding.
Read more about them on our angus cattle page

Monsour Sheep Farm

Monsour Sheep Farm is Jack and Kathy Monsour's place in Bedford County. We purchased our initial North Country Cheviot commercial ewes from
Jack, as well as our first border collie, Mac. On top of running a 900+ commercial sheep operation, Jack and Kathy provide lovely vacation homes in a
pastoral farm setting.